Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Let us help you select the perfect diamond for the centerpiece of a ring that will represent your lifetime commitment to each other.


Top Quality

We sell G.I.A. and E.G.L. Trade Lab Report diamonds in any range of quality and budget. You select what fits your needs, not ours.

Reasonable Prices

We offer our diamonds at the most competitive prices in the industry. An educated consumer becomes our best customer.

Personal Service

You are invited by appointment to our private showroom where you will be afforded impeccable service by a G.I.A. Accredited specialist in a quiet environment with absolutely no pressure to buy. Discover what it's like to shop with someone who really cares about your needs. Your business really matters to us.

Trust & Reputation

34 years of exceptional service and integrity while putting our customers' needs first. BBB Rated. G.I.A. Accredited. Reviewed on Yelp.

Designed for Detail

Industry leading designs from Gabriel, crafted in any of the precious metals - 14kt and 18kt white, yellow or rose gold and platinum.

Crafted with Care

Each design is fabricated with quality workmanship and materials to maintain its beauty and integrity for many years.

Finishing Touches

Extensive collection of wedding bands in all the precious metals, as well as alternative metals like Tungsten, Titanium and Stainless Steel.