fine jewelry trends holidays 2018

Trends in Fine Jewelry – Holidays 2018

Trending This Holiday Season Heading into fall and the 2018 holiday season, there are certain notable trends in fine jewelry that you as a consumer should be aware of as you make choices for yourself or when purchasing gifts for others. The most profound shift I have seen by designers in recent years is in
laboratory grown diamonds

Brave New World: Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Get ready to rock If you haven’t already heard, there is a new advance in technology that will ROCK the world of fine jewelry (pardon the pun). Although the ability to produce diamonds in laboratories has existed for a while, recent advances have led to the ability to produce larger gem quality diamonds in a
jon migdow tdc jewelry deer park il
With greater frequency I have found customers coming to my business with old, unused, or inherited fine jewelry and no idea what to do with it. What I am hearing from customers is this: They have little interest in jewelry that has either been inherited or is their own older designs not being used anymore.
how to buy a diamond engagement ring

How To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring

Having sold diamond engagement rings for over three decades, I have come away from those experiences with a good idea about the best way consumers should go about that process. It can be an intimidating and stressful undertaking. You’ve just decided to make this lifetime commitment to the person you love. Now you’re faced with