Trends in Fine Jewelry – Holidays 2018

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fine jewelry trends holidays 2018

Trending This Holiday Season

Heading into fall and the 2018 holiday season, there are certain notable trends in fine jewelry that you as a consumer should be aware of as you make choices for yourself or when purchasing gifts for others.

The most profound shift I have seen by designers in recent years is in the direction of everyday wearable pieces. People are increasingly more casual in their dress, both at the workplace and at leisure. In response, we are seeing more affordable precious metal and gemstone design that can be worn all the time and for more occasional dress up environments.

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One of the most notable changes is the increased number of offerings in yellow and rose gold now supplementing the (still more popular) white gold options. I always remind my customers that if they change their clothing choices regularly – particularly in color palette – then having multiple choices in fine jewelry to complement is a must. Mix and match your metal colors when accessorizing a look. White and yellow always work together, as do white and rose. There are no jewelry police! Have fun and be creative.

Categories That Are Particularly HOT Right Now

  • Bracelets have seen an evolution in design: Twist on cuffs and flexible-locking bangle bracelets, for example. These pieces are great to wear alone and also for stacking with others. Available in multiple metal options and decorated with diamonds or other gemstones, they are a must have in the present world of versatile fashion.
  • Diamond earrings have always been a staple but look out! Diamond earrings now come with attitude. With twists and turns and great attention to detail in how they present on the ear, there are wonderful new choices. Hoops, ear cuffs and peek-a-boo styles provide variety for both single and multiple piercings.
  • Necklaces are all about layering: Simple but elegant scaled designs made to wear and accessorize, every day with every neckline. There are so many affordable options!

There’s Nothing Like the Look and Feel of Precious Metals and Gemstones

There are many choices for fine jewelry in 2018. The market for consumers is flooded with every variety of beaded and imitation metal and facsimile gemstone pieces. These products will always have a place in the jewelry box, but there is nothing like the real thing! It looks better, lasts longer and makes you feel extra special. There is nothing wrong with that! Explore the ever-evolving world of fine jewelry on our website,


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About the author:

Jon Migdow has over 30 years of experience in the jewelry business. His store, TDC Jewelry, has been serving customers across Chicagoland since 1984 and recently moved to a new location in Deer Park, IL.